About Us,

It all started with a summer holiday…

But let’s start at the very beginning. Nearly all of our family members suffered from oily, acne-prone skin.

Various cosmetics, soaps, creams, cleaning lotions were lined up in our bathroom shelves, uselessly…

In 2010, for the very first time we managed to get to a really nice and popular recreation place Sarti, Greece.

One of our nice neighbour who regularly diving and lent us diving goggles, jokingly said, that we will notice how good sea water will be for our facial skin.

After a couple of very nice days we experienced amazing changes to our skin, which made us very happy.

But every miracle lasts for seven days, from the time we came back from our holiday everything slowly returned back to normal and unfortunately again we faced with the same problems, acne and oily skin …

Sea Salt Soap, where it all began

We started looking for options how can incorporate sea salt into our everyday life. After testing several salt soaps we decided to manufacture our own one, because we wanted to bring out the best from our sea salt soap. The preparation, testing dragged on for months before we found the perfect recipe for our sea salt soap.

Thereafter, a very good friend of ours who suffers with eczema asked us to develop soap for this skin condition, which was also a great success.

After that, there was no question that we want to deal with natural cosmetics so in 2015 we established The Sheila Soap manufactory with the aim to make natural, plant-based, premium quality natural cosmetics available for everyone at an affordable price.

Hand-made soaps is our main profile at the moment, but different creams, lotions, deodorants are under development.

All Sheila soaps are hand-crafted; each piece is prepared with our own hands from mixing of raw materials to the packaging.

Our priority is to create premium quality products, free from animal testing.

According to the European standards:

  • We do not test on animals
  • We do not use animal glycerine, dead animal products
  • All of our product are additives and preservatives free
  • We do not use synthetic colors and compounds
  • All of our products are palm oil free